We’re currently in the red zone

Screenshot from WBAL-Baltimore, Maryland


That’s all kinds of nope! Let the prepping begin!!


Well, I’m in prepper mode at this point. I have four different lists going at one time. A lot of it I’ll knock out tomorrow at 6 am while everyone else is sleeping. The good thing is that…

HGTV star Carmeon Hamilton

While cruising around Roku looking for something different to watch I happened upon her reno show. She does renovations for renters which is not something you see. Most reno shows are for homeowners, not apartment or home renters. Doing a reno when you’re a renter brings challenges to the table…

Happy Monday. It’s in the 20s outside which is fine. I have things I want to do but not the energy. I’m on an increased dosage of thyroid medication and am still tired. I’ll be glad when it kicks in. Tomorrow we’re having a heatwave for a day. It’s supposed…

If the Easy-Bake Oven for adults were only in a different color than pink I’d be down. Hell, I may still get it! I’m seeing a lot of cool stuff for me to get for Hoss that’s for sure.

I’m def going to have to look for those toilet seat…

I kept seeing Wordle floating around and decided to check it out. I had no idea how to play the game so randomly clicked on letters that spelled five-letter words. Now I know how to play.

Too bad I’ll likely never play it again. Why?

Today’s word was prick.

I hear that enough online…

Louie Anderson. Dead at 68 from lymphoma.

So much for 2022 being a better year, huh?

Polygon, Fair Use

From the Mayo Clinic:

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the body’s germ-fighting network.

The lymphatic system includes the lymph nodes (lymph glands), spleen, thymus gland, and bone…

I think it’s great when leaders lead by example.

The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, and his wife both have tested positive for COVID. Way to set that example. Yeah, they’re both vaccinated but clearly, there was something that they weren’t diligent about even if it was “only” not social…

And it’s “face”. My bologna has a second name and it’s m-a-s-k.

The story just got posted online a few hours ago. I just saw it on the noon news. Yet here it is for sale already on Amazon. What in the actual fuck ya’ll?

The manufacturer ‏is none other than the ‎Kraft Heinz Company.

Don’t they need a different type of…

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