Just in time for the weekend too!

And this is why I don’t have a niche, Jason!

They are still a work in progress….

My Best Work, If I do say so myself and I do.

Where to Submit: Publications’ list as well as submission guidelines


Medium Drama: This place has nothing on Y&R

Writer to Writer: Stories about writing, editing, hacks, tips, etc.

Everyday Living: Typical days of my less than ordinary life.

Social Issues


Mental Health

Short Forms*


My Wild and Crazy Family Tree***

Close Calls: I’ve found myself in some hairy situations over the years. Those stories can be found here.

My Response: Pieces that I write in response to other…

Another void to fill?

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I’ve decided to take the day off and get caught up on some of my backed-up reading. My read list is sitting at 126 right this moment. That’s a lot of reading I need to get done. Storms will be blowing through my area all day today so it is overcast and dreary. A good day for staying in bed with endless cups of creamy coffee (make it with milk instead of water) and my laptop.

In my getting caught up I happened upon Kaori Mitsui’s story in Feedium.

I only recently followed WTB and can’t believe it’s leaving. Since…

Concept and outline

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Imma let you in on a little secret. The last few days I’ve been kicking around the idea of opening up my own publication. Why? I’ve been through my own list of places to submit to and in my best New Jersey, My Cousin Vinny voice,

What a nightmare!

Tiny followings. Shoddy work. All or nothing publishing times. Yeesh. I emailed three publications the other day. One I’ve heard back from and they’ve added me. The other two I’m going to assume were a no as I have not heard from them nor have I been added. …


By Lisa Franchot — Lisa Franchot, CC BY-SA 4.0

I jumped on Twitter to see if I had gotten a DM I was breathlessly awaiting for (eh hem J.J. Pryor) and instead of DMs I see this news.

This is the second death notice I’ve posted in a week which is two too many.

William Garson Paszamant was born in New Jersey and that came across in one of his most famous characters. He appeared in 300 TV episodes over the duration of his career and 75 films which included Sex and the City I and II as well as the HBO long-running show by the same name.


Christian writers’ edition

pxfuel Public Domain Certification

I’ve covered all active publications that have 999 followers up to 5k+. So far I’ve done one other genre-specific regardless of size article. Now I’m doing another one. Christian writers on the platform have been asking for places to publish. Here’s what I managed to find, and frankly, it isn’t a lot.

They have 2.9k followers and posted on Sept 20. They also have a Facebook page.

They have 129 followers and also posted on Sept. 20. This is from their “latest” page.

Mustard Seed Sentinel is a Christian lifestyle magazine publishing articles on faith, health, politics, news, poetry, fiction…


Maybe you should consider cutting it in half by deleting your damn resume

Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay, edited by author

I scrolled and I scrolled and scrolled only to get to the bottom without locating the guidelines. So then I had to scroll and scroll and scroll back up again on my search. By then I was too pissed off to think of using Ctrl F and typing in “guidelines” to put me exactly where I need to be.

You’re supposed to be a writer, an editor, and a publisher. I’ve got news for you.

You suck at all three.

Once upon a time, I had a server that was so bad that I slide a nickel across the table…

Stories by other writers that were absolutely fabulous!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

That’s the name of my newest list in case you hadn’t noticed that I added one on recently. Like yesterday I think it was. What can I say? I’ve been productive of late.

So far I have 56 stories stashed in there. These are just as the title claims them to be. Stories by other writers on the platform that I’ve collected in my now empty Archive file, and thought I’d share them with you. Mr. Algo Rithm is still on a bender so there is still “nothing to read”. Unlike a closet full of nothing to wear or a…

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