An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

Terry L. Cooper
2 min readFeb 27, 2021
Image by TEO GONZALEZ PINEDA from Pixabay

Yo Ted,

Yeah, I called you Ted. Be glad I didn’t call you Teddy. You get no salutation or greeting from me that reflects any sort of respect. Respect isn’t given. It’s earned. Any you had has now gone down faster than the sinking of the Titanic.

People that voted you into office are the same ones you leave dying while you spray on sunblock? Your bloated @$$ should have been headed to a fat farm for “health reasons”, then maybe, just maybe, you’d have garnered a teeny bit of compassion.

Your wife’s friends snitch on you and your family to the media by leaking her text messages. Who knows, maybe you’ve treated them just as dirty in the past and now BOOM karma is catching up with you.

Takes Father of the Year to throw his kids under the bus when the heat got turned up. “But my kids wanted to go!” and yes, I’m paraphrasing. You aren’t worth citing from memory. If you REALLY cared about your family AND your voters, then the right thing to have done was to send THEM off and YOU stay behind and do something radical.

Like? Ooooooh I don’t know… work? Act like you cared YOUR people were literally dying from the cold. No heat. No drinkable water. No electricity. No way to cook food for themselves. Nothing.

As someone who worked from 1999 to 2006 responding to natural and man-made disasters, you disgust me. Any idea how many times I was cold when I had to stand outside in the dead of winter because our office had gotten a bomb threat because someone we helped didn’t think they got enough, or someone we didn’t help at all was pissed? Any idea how many suicide calls I took after 9/11 like we were ever trained to deal with that crap? I can’t tell you how many 12-hour days I worked, 7-days a week. Holidays included. Hell, because I was single, I’d get asked to cover holidays so people with families could have off. And I did it. Willingly.

That’s the difference between true patriots and politicians, Teddy. And unless your old lady looks like this from the back, then what in the actual fuck man?

Glad You’re Not My Senator

PS — And that photo op of you placing a case of water in the trunk of someone’s car? GTFOH

Terry L. Cooper

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