Can Someone Please Help Me Understand This?

Screenshot of my Notifications
  1. Shows where this person commented on a comment I made on someone else’s article. She commented so many paragraphs to my one or two sentences that I didn’t bother to read it. It was just too long and from the beginning of her diatribe, I could tell she how no idea what I meant by what I said.

I, in a nutshell, told her to go get therapy for her anger and that to clarify what I said was….. and then I blocked her. I don’t need any more negative energy anywhere around me than I already have.

From everything from mass shootings to no longer being in charge of my own vagina, worldwide homelessness, etc. as an empath I am at the end of my rope.

2. Same person who told me off for something I didn’t say decides to subscribe for email alerts as to when I post articles.

What the actual fuck????

When I clicked on her image,

She has blocked me from seeing her posts.

How unstable do you have to be to (1) go off for all the wrong reasons (2) follow someone you clearly disagree with and then (3) sign up for emails!?!?!


I didn’t know she even existed until she (wrongfully) came for me. I didn’t post a comment to her content but someone else’s. She was in NO danger of me EVER checking out her profile let alone reading any of her garbage she calls writing.

She is in the minority whether she likes it or not. And she’s not making any friends nor is she influencing any potential allies by conducting herself like this.

I already shut down my YouTube channel because of the crazies and trolls. No matter how often I reported them to YT, they and their accounts stayed. I even called them out to YT via Twitter. Nothing.

I’ve got news for all of the angry people out there…

You’re not the only one so feel free to STFU and use your scroll bar.

Earlier this week I was driving along listening to one of my 70s CDs and BOOM. I was nearly doubled over the steering wheel and crying to the point I was nearly blinded. The rage and then the pain and then the rage again. I am so disgusted with this world and a lot of its inhabitants that I just don’t know what to do. But what I don’t do is take it out on someone else!

Don’t come for me and you’ll never have to hear from me, fair enough?




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