“COVID-19 is a Hoax!”

Are you sure about that?

Terry L. Cooper
2 min readNov 2, 2020


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A headline from NPR:

El Paso, Texas, Gets 4th Mobile Morgue As COVID-19 Deaths Rise

Medical examiners in El Paso, Texas, have received a fourth refrigerated morgue to temporarily store bodies, a county official says.

It is a stark reality for a city where coronavirus patients have been succumbing to COVID-19 at a rate faster than medical personnel can investigate their cases.

“People that die are under investigation, to see if they died of COVID and to discern whether or not they had other diseases. That holds back the process,” El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego told a local TV station.

Samaniego went on to say, “I think you’re going to see tremendous more deaths coming up in the next two to three days”.

As of Sunday, the county had a backlog of 85 bodies that still required a medical personnel investigation.

They left out the word “damn”. Just wear the damn mask! credit

News of the additional morgue capacity emerged a day after Samaniego tweeted on Saturday that county officials were “working on creating more space” in the parking lot of the medical examiner’s office.

“If that doesn’t put our situation into perspective I don’t know what will.”

As of Monday morning, El Paso health officials have reported 51,536 confirmed coronavirus cases and 605 virus-related deaths. Those figures include 978 people who are hospitalized and 273 who are in ICUs.

This isn’t just infections. These are actual deaths. BIG difference. There’s nowhere you have to be that can’t wait. We are SO spoiled in this country. This, “I’ll do what I want to do the way I want to do it” mentality is going to get us all killed. Since your momma didn’t tell you I will -


We’ve got enough to deal with in this country right now that seems to be out of our hands. At least THIS issue we have some control over. Come on America. We’re better than this! Aren’t we?

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