Terry L. Cooper
Mar 14, 2021


Do you know what your Medium ID is? No, it isn’t the full link to your personal Medium page. But it’s close. Confusing? Let me explain. My Medium link is https://tlcooper0001.medium.com/. (bolded for emphasis)

BUT my User ID is the first portion only. tlcooper0001 is my actual ID. Why is it important to know what your ID is?

-If you ever need the Help Desk for any Medium-related issues, they’re going to ask you for it.

-If you want to be added to a publication as a writer, you’re going to need it.

-If you want to join any of the Medium-related social media venues, you’re probably going to need it.

-Want to join Slack? Yep. You’re going to need it. And now you know!

Until next time~ Terry