Product Review

Google Notebook

It doesn’t play nice with others.

Terry L. Cooper


Image by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay

My first laptop I had for nearly 10 years. Yep. Longer than either of my marriages. What can I say? The laptop served me better than either husband.

It had an impressive 17.5-inch monitor, which I loved. When you spend several hours a day on a laptop, a large screen is a must. Less eye strain.

It finally gave up on me, and I had to call time of death. #2019 #RIP

Since it broke down at an inopportune time (is there ever a good time?) I had to buy a replacement quickly. It worked okay for the money. It had all the bells and whistles. It only lasted a year. That was disappointing.
Time of death: Jan 2020

The birth of my Google Chromebook, Jan 2021.

Had I known…

I would have never bought it and kept shopping. I throw in a caveat here. Some of this could very well be operator error. I’m human like everyone else. And like most guys, I don’t ask questions and I don’t read instructions. With that being said.

I still don’t like it. Google doesn’t like to interface with anything other than Google products. Should have been obvious. But it wasn’t. Not to me, anyway. I figure a laptop was a laptop. I’ve never been more wrong in my life.

I bought Microsoft everything and none of it works on GC. I couldn’t even get CCleaner to work! I’ve tried Google Docs and others, hate them all. I’m sure it’s a learning curve since I’ve used all things MS for eons, and frankly, I’m in no mood to learn anything new.


If you need a laptop in a hurry and don’t mind learning something new, this is for you. Otherwise?

Buyer beware. Or at least informed.