Hell if I Know Where Everyone is at!

But here’s where you can find me.

Terry L. Cooper


Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Inch by inch I’m getting closer to getting my posts moved or removed. I spent many hours over two days last week on this project. So far I’ve Unlisted 455 posts. The list labeled 2023 Posts will stay up through the end of the year. I didn’t realize I had published 65 times this year. That’s 2–3 times more than I would have thought.

Also in my Library, there is a Transfer to Substack folder. Sorry. It’s locked and if it’s in there then it’s already been removed from any other List I had had it in. Those are the posts about my family tree and the cast of characters that are on it. I will also be writing about how to do a family tree 100% free and the like. So far I’ve identified 39 posts on genealogy and my tree to move.

There are as of this writing 79 posts in the Transfer to Blogger file. I don’t even remember opening that one up but apparently, I did back in 2019 which was about the time I was shopping around for different blogging spots. I have the bones of two “newsletters” (every site calls it something different 🙄) there. Warts and All as well as Four Parts of One Whole. I’m kicking around the notion of using Four Parts for the mental and medical health posts and Warts for all of my best pieces.

I’ve already and will continue to do so, get copies of all of my work from here downloaded to my hard drive since I can no longer trust this platform with my work. Which was the catalyst for moving my stuff off of here in the first place.

So, for now, here are the links where you can find me. Just know that one is sparse at the other moment and that Blogger is empty. If you want to sub to any or all of them based on your personal preferences feel free to do so. That way the minute they’re launched you’ll get a notification through that system instead of relying solely on this one.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

As previously stated I’m moving all of my family tree, genealogy, US history, etc. over to Substack.