I Can’t. I Just Can’t.

The bogus level of bullshit just got deeper.

Terry L. Cooper
4 min readSep 27, 2021
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630am on a Sunday and here I am again. Huntin’ wabbit.

I read a piece that mentioned a publication that I hadn’t come across on here before so I checked it out, then checked out the guidelines.

Title: Submission Rules
Unformatted subtitle: These will help you

I’m not even okay? Imma let these ride. For now. It’s way too early for this. “These will help you” and not “What you need to know before you submit” or something other than the obvious.

To help with efficiencies and to help make the process smoother for the editors, I will be introducing a set of rules on how to submit an article to “New Writers Welcome”, starting from the 1st of October 2021.

Please make sure you read this article before you submit it from this date onwards. I would suggest starting this process now, and it will help you get ready for your future with the publication.

Submission rules:

Articles will be accepted in a draft format only

Use Grammarly (it’s free) to run a spell check

Editor feedback is designed to help you; please respect that

Allow up to 48 hours for your article to get published

You must use a picture and a heading in your article

We have a help section that may answer some of your questions. We are here to help you, so please let me know if you have any questions or queries.

Written by (name removed to protect the… the… hmmmm)

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Editor feedback is designed to help you; please respect that

You can’t even write well so how in the actual hell are you going to edit and publish??

Go ahead. I dare you. Go ahead and count how many things are wrong with this. Besides being poorly written and thinking that the only thing Grammarly is needed for is spell check… there’s nothing about Medium’s rules or policies; the zero tolerance for plagiarism; what genres they accept or not; any other pre-qualifiers for submissions or writers; a submission link; who they felt the need to have the “written by” bit added at the bottom in case you missed their name at the top; begging for money via ko-fi; and oh yeah the undisclosed affiliate link that is not only a rule-breaker on the platform but is against the law.

But writers are submitting away without a care in the world. This is why I’m forever, what feels like at this point in time harping, that writers need to know the platform requirements first and foremost and then do their homework on a publication before submitting the first piece.

Cast not your pearls before swine. — Matthew 7:6

I figure I’m this far gone down the rabbit hole, may as well read the comments section and see if anyone has at least mentioned the illegal link. Nope. And then I see this.

Screenshot by author

Typical bullshit canned answer. But look at the profile pic. Uh-huh. Yes ma’am. That is who you think it is. Here’s a larger version of it. Look familiar?

Screenshot by author

He should. He’s all over the internet. Here are just 13 shots of this stock image being used, not including in this instance.

Google Reverse Image Search Results

It’s because of turds like these two that “we can’t have nice things” as the saying goes. Try trout fishing in a sewage system and let me know how that works out for you. I pity the peeps that are readers only. They pay their $5 to have something decent to read and this is what they are met with. One commenter even said as much.

I don’t blame the platform per se. They’ve got a lot of glass plates twirling on top of non-stop sticks. I get it. So it’s up to us to regulate what goes on around us.

If you see something, say something.

Another byproduct of the 9/11 era. Call them out on their bullshit. Post comments informing that they need to legally disclose affiliate links. Someone already commented about the lack of a link to actually submit their work to. If you have to ask such a glaring detail to be revealed do you really want to write for a publication like that? Zero attention to detail? Not knowing the platform rules and legal obligations of writers?

Don’t want to get directly involved? You can always contact the Help Desk and let them look into it.

And “Sherif”, it’s been nice knowing you. The Help Desk now has a link to your fake profile. Buh-bye.



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