I Have Been Working My Tail Off Over Here

Hopefully, all of the changes will pay off literally.

Terry L. Cooper



December 8, 2023

Tonight I closed my X account.
It was nothing but a time waster and seldom did I get any activity until the weekends when I would nonstop tweet during RHO of franchises, Married to Medicine, or Sister Wives. NOT why I opened up a new account. It was to meet and interact with other writers. There are a few of them on there but all day every day is just book cover after book cover after book cover being posted and not well-made covers at that. Way too many Amazon KDP templates.

Despite everything Elon Musk has said no things are not better on X. They’re worse. All I can find is people bashing Trump and the “authors” with the back book covers. That’s it. It didn’t matter how much I muted or blocked it was always more of the same. Like I said, waste of time. Plus I never got my original account back even though he said when he bought it everyone would. That account had 3500 followers and almost all of them were writers. So…

fuck Elon.

I’ve moved almost all of my work from this platform.
Substack is up and running. I have enough scheduled drafts at this point that I don’t have to touch the site until mid-January at this point. For now, everything is free over there from me. I’m going to open up a new BuyMeACoffee account so people can tip if they so choose. On Substack, I write about my crazy family tree, how-tos, royals, Native Americans, you name it. You can find my Substack here.

I have my poetry over on Blogger now. I had no idea I had written so much poetry in the last few years until I began Unlisting posts. There are 12 posts with 5 more scheduled. That will get me into the new year.