I Heard Your Cry For Help!

Now I’m here to answer your call!

Terry L. Cooper
3 min readSep 14, 2021


Image by Janos Perian from Pixabay

John Welford recently asked,

Can somebody please explain what “Publications” are all about? (And a few other questions!)

I’ll start at the top of his piece and work my way down.

I don’t recall having to “apply” to the MPP so having to wait 5 days to hear back… the only thing I can suggest is maybe submitting a ticket to the Help Desk. You can do that here.

The second issue is that of “submitting articles to the MPP”. That’s not how it works. When you hit Publish or Submit you’ll see a little box that needs to be checked off.

Screenshot by author

Peep the blue box. As long as the “Meter my story” box is checked then you’re behind the paywall and will get paid for reads on that story.

Read time earns you money. Claps and comments do not.

Question 3- What is the advantage of joining a Publication? Does it mean that you get more reads and earnings?

It depends on the publication. I have so far a 3-part series of where to submit your work. It takes legwork to figure out the best home for your pieces.


I have several others written. I just need to get them in sequential order and then get them submitted. That’s on today's self-imposed Honey Do List.

Question 4 — How does the system work? Do you only submit new pieces to a publication, or can you submit pieces you have already published?

You have to read the publications’ submission guidelines. Some will take your old work, some won’t. You shouldn’t submit old work to a publication anyway as no one will ever see it and here’s why.