If This Doesn’t Get Boosted I Don’t Know What Will

An experiment in two parts.

Terry L. Cooper


Image by Elias from Pixabay

Same song, second verse. The link to part one of these experiments is below. This time I'm targeting Substack writers. Besides the silly experiment, and yes it’s silly when you already know the outcome, I want to do one last writer's lift on this platform before my Thor or their Dollar Tree version of Thor shows and slams the hammer down. Yes, I have a Thor Hammer. Okay, I’ve ordered it but it is on its way. Damn UPS strike is over and I still can’t get crapped delivered. But I digress…

  1. I’m not putting either of these “experiments” behind the paywall. I want as many people to see them as possible and since I play by the rules and get no eyes I thought if it got traffic and I posted it on social media maybe we would ALL get some eyeballs. Here Twitter, and Substack.
  2. I’m also adding hashtags and other “topics” at the very bottom of both to see if that has any bearing on increases hopefully for all of us.

I guess if you don’t follow me on any of the three platforms you’re going to miss out. I’m sure a lot of you won’t care but wouldn’t it be fun to be even a small part of the “Great Experiment”?


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