I’m Doing This Thing Today


I’ve all but cleaned out my Drafts. I’m down to eight (8). That’s not much at least not for me. I’m used to having tons in that folder. But I’ve published them all either here or more than likely on my BuyMeACoffee blog. It isn’t just for tips!

Did you know that you can write there as well?

There are 36 posts with (so far) 6 more scheduled to post in the coming days. Yes, just like here, they have the Schedule feature. I noticed just now that they have audio available in BETA! I’m going to have to check that out once I’m done with the copy and paste process. It would be great if they allow me to record in my voice instead of the robotic sounds we have here. 🤡

Most but not all of what I’m copying and pasting today is stuff that honestly flopped here and I really don’t know why. The topics were interesting. I kept things as I always have done-short, sweet, and to the point. Maybe it was a busy week and Algo buried my crap. Who knows. I just know if they aren’t making any money here then I may as well try them over there.

And to streamline things here, if I remove the duds then it will be easier for people to see the rest of my work, right?

So publishers, if you start getting a lot of notifications today it isn’t personal. It’s just me housecleaning and trying to make that money, Honey!





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