It’s 1223am. Do you know where your favorite Medium writer is? Back from the ER. 2pm to 1213am. That’s almost as long as the shifts I used to work in the nursing home on the dementia ward.

COVID. Negative. Chest x-ray. Negative. Bloodwork. Fine. A bit anemic. In nuclear medicine for 20 mins while they looked in my chest to see if I had any blood clots.

All in an effort to figure out why I am coughing again to the point where I’m puking. That’s a hella cough ya’ll. I made the bed and couldn’t catch my breath. It’s a twin with no throw pillows so like seriously?

F/U with pulmonary, primary, and second opinion at the Univ of MD with ENT.

I say let the M.E. figure it out. I’m tired and I’m going to bed now. Michael Burg, MD you’ve got the next watch.



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