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Man vs Bear

The trending social media poll that has men scratching their heads. But women aren’t surprised at all.

Terry L. Cooper
2 min readMay 28, 2024


As luck would have it, this just popped up in my Feed.

If you haven’t heard and it hasn’t ended up in any of your news feeds, there is an unofficial survey/poll floating around online geared towards women.

If you were in the woods alone would you rather be with a wild bear or a man?

Almost without exception, women are choosing the bear. Why would a woman rather be alone in the woods with a wild animal that would most assuredly rip her limb from limb and leave her carcass where he found it? When being alone in the woods with a man could mean that he could protect her from the bear (and whatever else may come alone to harm her) so she would come out alive.

Because the bear could only hurt her once.

Because the bear would kill her and her suffering would end whereas with a man he would hurt her over and over and over again until she wished she were dead.

That’s why.

Death by bear attacks would be brutal but at least it would be quick.

Being left alone at the hands of a man could mean that the suffering would never end. Even if you managed to escape the man you’d live with the trauma for the rest of your life.

And before you say ‘not all men’ yeah well… not all bears either.

But no woman is willing to take that chance.



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