Meanwhile in Russia…

The same “Freedom of Speech” as China

Terry L. Cooper
1 min readMay 27, 2023

Who knew? ✋

Am I the only one who can see how dangerous this is/can be? Leaders in all areas are being taken in by body doubles. Good thing there was no discussion of nuclear codes, amiright? And people are “deathly afraid” of AI.

I wonder who else has done this and pulled it off. Maybe there were no Russian hackers. Maybe it was just gullible, clueless people who spilled the beans when someone who looked like or sounded like a world leader made a call or held a Zoom meeting.

How in the hell did these guys even get George Bush’s bat channel to call?

Just let your mind wander and see what kind of scary places it can take you.

And by the way, Florida is trying not to be outdone. More on that (hopefully).



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