My Response To We Are All Going Extinct

Terry L. Cooper
3 min readMar 31, 2021
Image by UnifiArt from Pixabay

For the most evolved beings on Earth, we sure are stupid.

Vitoria got me in the feels early on. Too bad it was rage. Not at her. At “humanity” such as it is. “We” aren’t just stupid. We’re lazy, egotistical, self-absorbed, ignorant, and that’s just for starters. We’re so stupid that we don’t even realize just how ignorant we are.

If I think it, then it must be true.

Uh yeah, no. But thanks to that mentality is the reason everyone from Jerry Springer and the Kardashians have had a longer life span than they should have — on social media especially. Influencers? Short word for the dumbing down of the world, don’t you think?

Whoever came up with that petri dish…

That petri dish was created from a swab of the inside of a toilet bowl. You’ll have to read her article for context.

Somewhere within this natural circle of life, about 2 million years ago, in waltzed the humans.

But over time, we started thinking to ourselves, “why should we wait for some external power to try and destroy us in 20 million years when we can take matters into our own hands?”

Shit. Now I’m hearing that damned kiddie song Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better playing in my head. It fits. Just not how a thinking person would like it to.

We discovered fire and invented the wheel. We came up with money, refrigerators, taxes, and the internet. Whereas we once migrated across continents on foot, we now fly in “comfort.”

What goes up must come down. We invented fire, and now we have insurance fraud and arsonists. We invented the wheel and now we have drunk drivers that maim and kill. We invented money, which was the beginning of the end. We no longer had the skills or abilities to trade for the things we needed. So then we needed paper with pretty colors on it that the government told us was worth whatever they decided it was worth. We invented refrigeration which cut back on the number of people dying from food poisoning. But then naïve and entitled folks had to have the most expensive fridge they could find. Not afford, find. No one could afford them. They promised to do everything from walking your dog to snitching if your partner was cheating on you.

That’s where financing and interest payments came into play.

We invented taxes because, well, SOMEONE has to pay for all of this “stuff”. We invented the internet. God help us all. Now we have human traffickers, sexual predators, scam artists (and I use the term loosely), catfishing, kidnapping, murder, identity theft, and Lord knows what else I’m forgetting.

Attacked by a little bug called pretentiousness, humans decided to intentionally obliterate the majority of the species on Earth. How else can one explain our complacency in the face of this climate crisis?

Pretentiousness is in the ICD-10 codes. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

(If you looked it up, you’re part of the problem.)

This is the first time that we have been seconds away from self-annihilation. In the time it would take you to sneeze, the world and you could be gone forever.

Talk about a scared straight program…

You can read We Are All Going Extinct by Vitoria Nunes here.