New and Improved Lists

Terry L. Cooper
3 min readOct 7, 2021

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Now onto the updated Lists list.

My Best Work-If I do say so myself and I do. Here are the most telling essays I’ve written ever. From being gang-raped to what it was like being in DC during 9/11, you’ll find it here. 24 posts

Close Calls-I’ve found myself in some hairy situations over the years. Those stories can be found here.

Flops-My stories that just didn’t seem to take off. I stopped adding low posts at 57. I didn’t want to see how many there actually were! I was shocked at the 57 TBH.

Everyday Living-Typical days of my less than ordinary life. From dad’s strokes to my job and everything in between.

My Wild and Crazy Family Tree-Posts from all over Medium re: my family
I’m related to practically anyone and everyone you’ve ever heard about in American History. From outlaws to royals to Elvis himself.

Transparency-More of What This Platform Needs. If there are no screenshots, it never happened. This is where you will find all of my monthly updates on stats.

Writer to Writer-Stories about writing, editing, hacks, tips, etc.

How To Write Better, Use Medium More Efficiently My how-to posts that cover how to highlight a writer’s story and post that highlight to Twitter.

Medium Drama-This place has nothing on Y&R. Think of this as Soap Digest for Medium.

Short Forms-150 words or less Standing in line? Sitting in a waiting room? Commuter bus? This is your chance.

Terry L. Cooper

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