Sorry But No, PTSD is NOT Brain Damage

And I should know.

Terry L. Cooper
2 min readMay 22, 2024
Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED (Edited by me)

Full disclosure: one additional item was listed on the bottom row. It was incident-specific whereas the rest were not so I removed the last one.

I’m restless today so I thought I’d scan through here and see what caught my eye and made me read. Well, skim is more like it. The title states that PTSD is the same as brain damage.

Uh, no. It is not.

You can have PTSD (a mental illness) without having brain damage (physical illness) and the reverse is also true. I was in a five-car pile-up years ago. I’ve had multiple brain scans for various reasons since then and not one iota of any type of brain damage. But I most certainly have PTSD. Technically I have CPSD but I’m not a clinician so keeping it simple works for me.

Emotional Trauma and PTSD do cause both brain and physical damage.

That’s a quote they used as a source. It clearly states that it can CAUSE brain damage which is NOT the same as it IS brain damage. So why am I so torqued up about this?

Because I have for the last 20+ years fought tooth and nail to get my issues not only addressed but appropriately addressed and treated. This misnomer only adds to the confusion. I read once a few years back a comment on social media from a…



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