The Man Who Puts HUMAN Back Into HUMANity

If you don’t read this and cry and give it 50 claps, then you have no soul.

Terry L. Cooper
1 min readJun 21, 2021


Image by Jacob Lange from Pixabay

I will not do my usual recap here. I will not quote paragraphs. I will not tell you how much I highlighted Benny Lim’s story. Here’s what I will do though.

I will tell you I read every word. No skimming.

I will tell you that at the time I’m writing this I left 50 claps and 3 or 4 comments.

I will tell you he made me cry and ya’ll know I’m not the crying type.

That should be all that it takes for you to get your butts over there and read, clap, and comment NOW.

Benny Lim, you are the awesome in awesome sauce my dude!