There’s No Freedom of Speech in China? 🤔

No way! 🤯

Terry L. Cooper
1 min readMay 27, 2023

More late-breaking news: I held a Meet the Author event with a book signing to follow at a different location. Made it through the MTA, had to cancel the book signing. It was too much. I sat outside the place waiting for them to open so I could get in and get ready. While idling my lymphedema kicked in. I’m already wearing a men's size 13 sandal because of the fluid. But I could feel the tops of the shoes beginning to dig into my flesh so I packed it in.

I don’t know what time I crashed last night but I didn’t wake up until 730 this morning. An hour and a half MAT event and it wore me out. Thank God no one showed up or I guess I’d have had to have been carried out on a stretcher. 🙄

I’ve listed the remainder of the case of books that I bought for the tour that (apparently) will never happen. If you’d like a personalized, autographed copy, you can get it here.

Time for meds and food and then more est.

Thanks in advance. ❤

PS — I did use the time in B&N sipping a frappe and using ChatGPT to “write” children’s books for me. More on that when I can. ~ T



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