Whoever wants to follow me can follow me. However, I follow back people whose writing I actually like to read. I'm not filling up my feed with genres (for the niche writers) with subjects I have no interest in. This would create a Part 2 of an issue-it will tell algo that's what I want to read and then he would thrown more into my feed that I have no interest in.

I find going through the list of people that follow me, most aren't even active on the platform any longer so were they hacked? Were they ever only bots in the first place? They do have a post or two but they're really old. Did they give Medium and try and then decide it's not for them but didn't bother to close their account?

Who knows?

I look at it like this. Whywould I read People magazine if my real interest lies in the Washington Post? Right? These "writers" on here that follow tens of thousands of people just to get half as many followers back (which violates Medium Rules FYI) means they knowingly and willingly articially inflated their follower numbers just to even more followers.

So in the end follower counts no longer matter because too many people have manipulated the system aka cheated.

Read what you love. Engage with those people. Let the rest go. ~T


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