Willie Garson, Dead at 57


Terry L. Cooper
2 min readSep 22, 2021


By Lisa Franchot — Lisa Franchot, CC BY-SA 4.0

I jumped on Twitter to see if I had gotten a DM I was breathlessly awaiting for (eh hem J.J. Pryor) and instead of DMs I see this news.

This is the second death notice I’ve posted in a week which is two too many.

William Garson Paszamant was born in New Jersey and that came across in one of his most famous characters. He appeared in 300 TV episodes over the duration of his career and 75 films which included Sex and the City I and II as well as the HBO long-running show by the same name.

Willie played Stanford Blatch who was subtly flamboyant (yes it’s a thing) not to mention loveable. Plus he was Carrie’s (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) best friend. When Carrie was dateless she had Stanford. We watched as Stanford and Carrie dated, mated, broke up, and then did it all over again.

Stanford finally met the love of his life and married not long after gay marriages were legalized in the US. You know you’re fabulous when Liza Minnelli signs at your fictitious wedding. I can remember thinking that I wish I had a bestie like good old Willie.

William Garson is survived by a son, Nathen. William’s cause of death has been released as pancreatic cancer.

RIP Funny Man. ❤

You made the world laugh and smile which we need much, much more of. I expect to hear the angels chuckling!

Willie Garson, dead at 57.



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