Yes, Another Story About Imposter Syndrome

Like a gerbil on an exercise wheel…

Terry L. Cooper
5 min readMay 23, 2024

You run and run and run and yet never outrun it.


I go through this 99% of the time regarding my writing. I had it when Chicken Soup for the Soul bought a story of mine. But oddly enough I don’t remember having it when the Washington Post interviewed me or when WJLA in D.C. interviewed me. Or that time when the Pensacola News Journal posted my photography online. I don’t recall it being an issue when I had 61 books on Amazon either. Or maybe I did and I’ve simply forgotten.

If there’s a plus to having had a stroke and having CFS+Fibromyalgia, I forget a lot. So maybe I did have IS and just don’t remember. I would even have panic attacks in college before every midterm and final. I remember emailing my friend Julia about me thinking I was going to fail. Her response?


That’s my Julia! Cuts through all of the bullshit and gets to the heart of the matter just like I do. So what triggered me this time?

Getting my next book ready for publication.



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