Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

Good grief. 🙄

Terry L. Cooper


Screenshot from my YT channel

A few hours ago a car crashed and exploded at the US/Canada border in New York.

The initial reports were that a car was doing about 100 mph leaving the US and headed to Canada when it was in an accident that was so severe it “blew up” with smoke and fire being seen 40 feet in the air.


I saw an interview with an American who said he had been out taking a walk with his wife when a car flew by them at a high rate of speed.

Within an hour the story became that it was a terrorist attack. The car was speeding out of Canada and into the US. I’ve seen the debris field. The only thing left of the car was the engine. The rest are in bits that are headed to Quantico for analysis and to try to determine who was in the car, why, and exactly what went down.

Now three to four hours later the story is that the car was stolen in the US, the occupants had been at a casino, and they were attempting to avert the border crossing by going up a median. They hit a curb which made the car airborne. It crashed and “blew up”.

Then I hop on Twitter (I refuse to call it X) and I see where Cali’s Newsom stated that he’s thinking about having a misinformation class in schools so kids can be more aware of fake news and how to spot it. This after he schooled Tennessee on having a law on the books that states you can’t be gay in public. I paraphrased but yeah. The law was ancient and had since been edited to take out the word “gay”. Apparently, Newsom can locate archaic laws on the books in other states but not the newest version.

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

What the actual fuck, ya’ll?

WHY in the 22 years post 9/11 can we STILL not get information out quickly but accurately?? At the midpoint when the story was the car was headed into the US, my head went in some direction that I saw no one else’s go. Maybe all of my other 9/11 survivors were on the road and not on the internet. 9 News Australia reported that there had been a second car. It occurred to me that the car rushing the…