I know the concept well

Terry L. Cooper


Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

ZFG. Zero Fucks Given. I think I may have been the one who invented that concept back in the day. Back then it was known as Who Gives A Fuck. Same concept, different name.

I ran across this shorthand version when I read Stephanie Florczyk’s The Mindset Needed for Authenticity. Part of what she wrote:

An example of the ZFG mindset is wearing whatever you want, whether others critique you or compliment you. Advocating for yourself is an example of the ZFG mindset. If you don’t, who will? Not caring what others think makes it easier to work to get what you need. Another example would be rooting for your favorite sports team at a game in their rival’s stadium. You might be harassed by the opposing fans, but you will be overjoyed if your team wins. There are many other examples of the ZFG mindset in action. Any time you say, “I don’t care, I’m doing it!” is an example of the ZFG mindset in action.

Dress attire

Prior to medically retiring 3 years ago, I was always in scrubs. That is when I wasn’t in jeans and a tee shirt. I did volunteer work for the USO at Dover Air Force Base. It would require me standing for hours and having donations handed off to me by donors as they exited the local Costco.

When I wasn’t doing that volunteer gig I had another one. Of course. It involved me traipsing through cemeteries and snapping photos of headstones to document them for Find a Grave. I learned of FaG via Ancestry and thought it would be a cool idea to use my love of the outdoors and photography to help people in their search for their ancestral roots.

On the rare occasion when I had to dress up, well, how can I explain this… Did you see the movie Ghost? Do you remember how Whoopie Goldberg walked down the sidewalk in that dress and heels?

Yep, that would be me.

I used to wear heels and linen skirts with satin blouses back in the day. I would curl my hair, and wear makeup. The whole nine. But when I stopped with the office work and got into grunge work… Plus being in health care I couldn’t wear jewelry or makeup or perfume for that matter. I worked with a lot of dementia patients and they were known to pull earrings out of earlobes and try to choke people with the necklaces…